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  • images 1st Funded Trader Programme in Asia
  • images Funded Capital of up to US$400k
  • images 120% Refundable Application Fee
  • images 80% Payout
    of Profits
  • images 7-day
    Cash Payout
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We’ll help you circle get started

Jumpstart your trading journey with free performance coaching and MPFunds trading courses.

  • Counselling (for tiers 4 and 5)

    Learn about emotional risk management with our specialised in-house counsellor.

  • Coaching (for all tiers)

    One-to-one session to assess your trading journal and review your performance.

  • Courses (for all tiers)

    Professional trading courses on fundamental and technical analysis by experienced traders with more than 10 years’ experience.

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Asia’s top global financial centre
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Designed by professional traders, MPFunds (MPF) is Asia’s first and leading funded trader programme that offers passionate yet undercapitalised individuals like yourself 100% funded capital, trading tools and knowledge in order to trade and achieve your financial goals. We are committed to helping you grow your talent and succeed as an independent trader.

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Trade like a circle pro

Meet Noel. Just like you, he is passionate about trading. He wants to scale up from the comfort of his home but is undercapitalised. Here’s how he benefited by joining MPFunds.

img img

1. Noel learns about MPFunds and signs up for the MPF Challenge with a one-time registration fee.

2. He attends MPFunds free one-to-one
coaching session and professional trading courses.


3. Noel attempts the MPFunds Challenge and passes both rounds. He gets a full refund of the registration fee.


4. Every trader is allowed to register for multiple accounts amounting to a maximum of US$400k.


5. He receives a cash payout of 80% profits every week, giving him extra pocket income to accelerate his financial goals.

See how much you could earn

While we can’t promise you exactly how much you’ll earn by trading with our financial backing, we can certainly show you a glimpse of how much extra you could be seeing in your bank account every month, based on some very realistic rates of returns.

Account Size
Expected Monthly Return (%)
Income US$

Note: This is only a simulation. The extent of how much you can earn is all up to you and how much trading profit you can generate!

Take the MPFunds
Trading circle Challenge arrow

MPFunds is designed for traders with different levels of experience and expertise. Begin by taking the MPFunds Trading Challenge.

Step 1:

Apply for MPFunds Trading Challenge

Step 2:

Submit a refundable one-time application fee

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 5
Account Balance US$10,000 US$25,000 US$50,000 US$100,000 US$200,000
Refundable Registration Fee US$88 US$189 US$275 US$550 US$1,100
Tier 1
Account Balance US$10,000
Refundable Registration Fee US$88
Tier 2
Account Balance US$25,000
Refundable Registration Fee US$189
Tier 3
Account Balance US$50,000
Refundable Registration Fee US$275
Tier 4
Account Balance US$100,000
Refundable Registration Fee US$550
Tier 5
Account Balance US$200,000
Refundable Registration Fee US$1,100
Step 3:

Receive access to demo account

Step 4:

Complete Phase 1 of trading challenge

Phase Phase 1
Period Unlimited
Profit Target 8%
Minimum Trading Days 5 days
Maximum Daily Loss 5%
Maximum Overall Loss 10%
Step 5:

Complete Phase 2 and start trading with MPFunds

Phase Phase 2
Period Unlimited
Profit Target 4%
Minimum Trading Days 5 days
Maximum Daily Loss 5%
Maximum Overall Loss 10%
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All your questions answered

As Asia’s First and Leading Funded Trader Programme, we are driven to revolutionise and empower the way you trade. To answer any queries you might have, we have put together a comprehensive list of FAQs on our resource page.

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