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How to get started

The MPFunds Trading Challenge is a step-by-step assessment to get you ready for the prop trading revolution. Get Funded Now
Follow these simple steps to get funded as a MPFunds trader
Step 1: Apply for MPFunds Trading Challenge
Fill up the form and pay a one-time application fee that corresponds to the trading account amount of your choice. This fee is 100% refundable when you successfully become a professional trader with MPFunds. Upon application, you will receive instant access to a demo trading account, which you will use for the MPFunds Trading Challenge.
Step 2: Show us what you got
Asia’s first and leading funded trader programme, MPFunds is naturally selective about offering funding to traders. To determine if your trading talent deserves a spot on our trading team, we have carefully developed the MPFunds Trading Challenge with an unlimited trading period where you can take your time to achieve profit targets (8% in Phase 1 and 4% in Phase 2), and maintain your portfolio growth during this period.
  • Phase 1 Starting your Evaluation Process
    Profit Target: 8% Objectives Minimum Trading Day: 5 Trading Period: Unlimited Maximum Daily Loss: 5% Maximum Overall Loss: 10%
  • Phase 2 One step away from being our Funded Trader
    Profit Target: 4% Objectives Minimum Trading Day: 5 Trading Period: Unlimited Maximum Daily Loss: 5% Maximum Overall Loss: 10%
  • Funded Trader Trading for real money
    Profit Split: 80/20 Objectives Weekly Profit Split Maximum Daily Loss: 5% Maximum Overall Loss: 10%
Step 3: Trade and earn
Once you have successfully completed both phases of the MPFunds Trading Challenge, you will become a professional MPFunds Trader and receive funded capital to trade. Now is the time to reap the satisfying rewards of your own hard work with reliable and consistent weekly payouts from your trading profits. With 100% capital funding from MPFunds, you will finally experience what it feels like to turn trading into consistent pocket income, and take that step closer towards financial independence.

See how much you could earn

While we can’t promise you exactly how much you’ll earn by trading with our financial backing, we can certainly show you a glimpse of how much extra you could be seeing in your bank account every month, based on some very realistic rates of returns.

Account Size
Expected Monthly Return (%)
Income US$

Note: This is only a simulation. The extent of how much you can earn is all up to you and how much trading profit you can generate!