MPFunds Launch & Info Session: Empowering Traders

06 Jul 2023

MPFunds Launch & Info Session: Empowering Traders

Fully Booked Event Highlights Strong Trading Community in Singapore 

Singapore, 6 July 2023 – MPFunds, Asia’s first funded trader programme, recently hosted an exclusive event that left traders buzzing with excitement. The highly sought-after event, which was oversubscribed, showcased a range of benefits and exciting developments that are set to revolutionize the trading landscape in Asia.

Exclusive Event, Exclusive Freebies

The event, open exclusively to the first 100 sign-ups, was met with overwhelming demand, quickly reaching full capacity. Attendees were treated to generous freebies, including the MPFunds Portable Charger, MPFunds Trading Journal, and a Trader’s Cheatsheet. These invaluable resources were designed to enhance traders’ trading experience and equip them with the tools needed for success.

Dean Wong’s Vision: Bringing Funded Trading to Asia

During the event, MPFunds Founder, Dean Wong, shared his personal journey and the inspiration behind bringing a funded trader programme to Asia. Wong’s successful experience in leveraging larger funded capital in the West to maximize profits fuelled his desire to analyse these programmes for two years and introduce them to Asia. With its headquarters in Singapore, MPFunds already has concrete plans to expand to other parts of Asia, starting in Q3, to Malaysia, Vietnam, and Thailand, before venturing into other regions.

Strong Support and Community

With a firm commitment to building a robust support network for traders in Asia, MPFunds has made the strategic decision to provide the 3Cs – courses, coaching, and counselling – as the foundation of this comprehensive support system.

As part of this initiative, MPFunds is expanding its range of courses, ensuring valuable knowledge is readily available to its traders. The coaching aspect takes a personalized approach, focusing on reviewing traders’ individual trading journals, with convenient access to relevant data through MPFunds’ user-friendly dashboard. Furthermore, traders who sign up for Tier 4 (US$100,000 challenge account) or Tier 5 (US$200,000 challenge account) gain exclusive access to personalized one-on-one counselling sessions with Anabelle Counselling, MPFunds’ esteemed partner. These sessions are designed to nurture and maintain strong mental resilience, essential for optimal trading performance.

MPFunds 2.0: Enhanced Dashboard Experience

Attendees received a glimpse of the upcoming enhancements to MPFunds’ dashboard. MPFunds 2.0, a new facelift, promises a user-friendly and intuitive interface. Traders will have access to comprehensive data and statistics of their trading accounts, whether challenge or funded. They can track their progress, view certifications earned upon successfully completing phases, monitor profits, and access courses, coaching, and counselling resources, all within the upgraded dashboard. MPFunds 2.0 reflects the company’s commitment to continually improving the user experience based on valuable feedback and rigorous testing.

Exclusive Lucky Draw: USD$1 Million Worth of Challenge Accounts Awarded

The highlight of the event was the announcement of 5 lucky draw winners, who walked away with a US$200,000 challenge account each. These fortunate individuals have the opportunity to showcase their skills and pass the two phases of the challenge account. Upon successful completion, they will unlock US$200,000 in funded trading capital and are able to have a payout of 80% of their profits every 7 days. This significant boost to their trading capital positions them for remarkable earning potential.

The MPFunds Launch & Info Session event left traders inspired and empowered, highlighting the exciting prospects of multiplying profits through funded capital. Attendees benefited from exclusive freebies, witnessed the awarding of USD$1 million worth of challenge accounts through a lucky draw, and experienced the strong support and community provided by MPFunds. With the expansion of courses, personalized coaching, and one-on-one counselling sessions, traders are equipped with the knowledge, guidance, and mental resilience necessary for success. The event also unveiled the upcoming enhancements of MPFunds 2.0, promising an improved dashboard experience for traders. Dean Wong’s vision of bringing funded trading to Asia solidifies MPFunds’ commitment to transforming the trading landscape and empowering traders across the region.

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