Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Policy


At MYPOCKET FUNDS PTE .LTD. , we are committed to upholding the highest standards of integrity and compliance with AML regulations in Singapore. Our AML policy outlines our dedication to preventing money laundering and the financing of terrorism. This policy is designed to provide a clear framework for our employees, partners, and stakeholders to follow in ensuring the integrity of our operations.

Regulatory Framework

MYPOCKET FUNDS PTE .LTD operates in accordance with the AML/CFT Act and regulations issued by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). We are committed to strict adherence to all applicable laws and guidelines.

Customer Due Diligence (CDD)

We conduct thorough customer due diligence for all our clients, including:

  • Identifying and verifying the identity of customers.
  • Identifying and verifying the beneficial owners of entities.

Suspicious Activity Reporting

MYPOCKET FUNDS PTE .LTD has established robust mechanisms for identifying and reporting suspicious transactions. Our staff is trained to recognize signs of potential money laundering or terrorism financing, and they are required to report such activities to the relevant authorities promptly.


We maintain comprehensive records of customer transactions and CDD information. These records are securely stored and made available to regulatory authorities upon request.

Sanctions Compliance

MYPOCKET FUNDS PTE .LTD diligently checks for compliance with international sanctions lists and regulations to prevent any prohibited transactions.

Penalties for Non-Compliance

Non-compliance with our AML policy and regulatory requirements may result in disciplinary action, including fines and legal consequences.

International Cooperation

We actively engage in international cooperation efforts to combat money laundering and terrorism financing.


MYPOCKET FUNDS PTE .LTD is committed to maintaining a strong AML framework to safeguard our operations and contribute to the broader effort to combat financial crime. This policy reflects our dedication to upholding the highest standards of compliance and integrity.

For any inquiries or concerns related to our AML policy, please contact our Support Department at

Note: This policy is subject to periodic review and updates in accordance with regulatory changes.